SFG4U Classes

These classes help beginners quickly and easily create a small-space veggie/herb garden while challenging more advanced gardeners to hone their skills and produce more in less space than they thought possible.


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Gardening Class Bundle

Cost $50.00

Course Length: 7 Hours 18 min

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SFG4U Online Classes

Square Foot Gardening 101 - The Basics

Cost $10.00

Class Length: 1 hr 16 mins

This class will get you up and running with the All New SFG method. We’ll go through the 10 Basics and 8 Steps of creating a wonderful small-space, easy-to-care-for garden.

Small Veggie Gardening + Microgreens

Cost $10.00

Class Length: 56 mins

This class introduces you to several different small-space, high-intensive gardening methods so you can choose what's best for you.

Square Foot / Small Veggie Gardening 201

Cost $10.00

Class Length: 1 hr 8 mins

We will explore how to plan your garden for maximum yield, vertical gardening, extending your growing season, protecting your garden from pests, critter and the weather and more. 

Small Space Tomatoes

Cost $15.00

Course Length: 1 hr 30 mins 

No matter what gardening method you use, you can save space by growing tomatoes vertically. However, there are several things you need to know before doing this. Kim will address the fact and fiction about some common amendments used in tomato gardening.

Grow Up! - Vertical Gardening

Cost $10.00

Course Length: 57 mins

The very best way to save space in your garden is by vertical gardening. Kim will show you several types of vertical supports so that you can . . . grow up!

Fall and Winter Gardening (Without a Greenhouse)

Cost $10.00

Course Length: 1 hr 15 mins

Yes, you can have a great fall crop and grow at least some of your food into the winter without a greenhouse! One of the best things about fall gardening is you’re not dealing with as many pests. Learn the tips and tricks of planning.


Winter Planning for an Early Spring

Cost $10.00

Course Length: TBD

Winter is the best time to prepare for next year’s garden. Kim will show you how to plan and prepare your small-space veggie garden to get a jump-start on next spring. The more planning you do up front, the more money, time and work you save in the long run.

Maximizing Your Harvest

Cost $10.00

Course Length: TBD

Master the strategies of planning and implementation that will give you the maximum harvest from your small-space garden. This class includes an amazing technique for organizing your seed packets along with vertical growing strategies and the way to use a calendar that will keep you on track.

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